About Us


Cowboy & Steeler Sunday

The Third Sunday In Advent This Sunday is really better known as The Third Sunday in Advent.  However, because the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers were playing each other, some of us wore our colors to support …Read More

The Christmas Feast

A Wonderful Night of Beauty, Food, Fun, Fellowship and Thanksgiving  Tables Prepared and Ready for Seating     Checking out the Sunday School Corner .. Great Job …Read More

2012 Men's Retreat

Men Enjoying a Wonderful Weekend at the Cook-Stasney Ranch    Enjoying Sharing Time   Wonderful Fiddles     Our Guys, sure looking refreshed and renewed.    

2012 Annual Stewardship Dinner

A wonderful night of sharing, dining and praise!   A few captured moments of the evening. MC for the evening Paul Millican with his willing assistant, wife Jo.   Relaxing after a great …Read More

Freedom Isn't Free

Thanks to all who helped make our Independence Day Celebration such a wonderful success.  We had a great time of fun, fellowship, met some wonderful new friends, and watched some fabulous fireworks.  Special …Read More

The Baptism of Alexis Miletic

We receive you into the household of God, confess the faith of Christ crucified, proclaim His Resurrection, and share with us in His eternal priesthood.           

Who Are We?

We are natives of San Angelo, Texas, numerous other states, Canada, Western Europe, and several African nations.
We are doctors, nurses and hospital workers, lawyers, steelworkers, ranchers and Master Gardeners, teachers, technicians, students, engineers, counselors and therapists, librarians, dads, moms, children and teens, home makers, grandparents and empty nesters.  Some of us are retired, some are looking for employment.  We are young and old, with many talents, gifts and abilities.  We come from varied economic and social backgrounds.  Our tastes differ almost as much as our political opinions.  We are active volunteers in many community charities, ministries and organizations.  We are Anglicans.
Our mission is to reach North America with the transforming love of Jesus Christ.  We have come to know and experience the unconditional love of God personally, individually and intimately in Jesus Christ.
We are not perfect.  We have many flaws, character defects, and at times we are downright self-willed and rebellious, but we have one thing in common... a desire to know and grow in our knowledge and love for God, and to love others as He loves us.  To that end we are:
Grounded In Scripture ~ our faith, practice, moral values and parameters are based on the Bible.  We study God's Word to discover His will, purpose and plan for us. 
Strengthened Through The Sacraments ~ continuing in the practice of the ancient Church, we admit members through Holy Baptism in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as well as through confirmation of the faith, and celebrate Jesus' life in us weekly through the Holy Eucharist (also called the Holy Communion, Lord's Supper, Divine Liturgy or Mass.)
Dependent On The Holy Spirit ~  We are incapable of living the Christian life apart form the presence of the Holy Spirit, and seek continually to filled with His power and sensitive to His guidance and direction.
The Anglican Church is the third largest Christian church in the world.  As of June 2010 The Anglican Church in North America is comprised of 20 regional fellowships (or Dioceses), more than 800 congregations and committed to starting 1000 new churches by 2015.