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Cowboy & Steeler Sunday

The Third Sunday In Advent This Sunday is really better known as The Third Sunday in Advent.  However, because the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers were playing each other, some of us wore our colors to support …Read More

The Christmas Feast

A Wonderful Night of Beauty, Food, Fun, Fellowship and Thanksgiving  Tables Prepared and Ready for Seating     Checking out the Sunday School Corner .. Great Job …Read More

2012 Men's Retreat

Men Enjoying a Wonderful Weekend at the Cook-Stasney Ranch    Enjoying Sharing Time   Wonderful Fiddles     Our Guys, sure looking refreshed and renewed.    

2012 Annual Stewardship Dinner

A wonderful night of sharing, dining and praise!   A few captured moments of the evening. MC for the evening Paul Millican with his willing assistant, wife Jo.   Relaxing after a great …Read More

Freedom Isn't Free

Thanks to all who helped make our Independence Day Celebration such a wonderful success.  We had a great time of fun, fellowship, met some wonderful new friends, and watched some fabulous fireworks.  Special …Read More

The Baptism of Alexis Miletic

We receive you into the household of God, confess the faith of Christ crucified, proclaim His Resurrection, and share with us in His eternal priesthood.           


    On behalf of Good Shepherd's members, welcome to our website!  I am pastor Stan Burdock, and have served here since October 1, 2007.  My wife. my mother-in-law and I came to San Angelo from Western Pennsylvania after serving twenty years at Christ Church, Brownsville.
    Like so many, I had a religious upbringing.  I was no stranger to church, Christian teaching, the Bible and all the do's and don'ts.  I also realized I was not capable of living the Christian life.  I always fell short of what I believed God's expectations to be, and certainly short of  the expectations of my parents, teachers, and peers.  Frustrated at every turn I chose to live a double life, "to eat, drink and be merry,"  and at the same time to continue to wear a "religious mask."  In many ways I was an accomplished hypocrite.
    Living from one distraction to another can be pretty grim.  The pointlessness of a self-absorbed life eventually takes a toll and I am grateful that it does.  When I was almost despairing of ever finding peace, a friend told me about Jesus.  He said I could have a new life if I asked Jesus to take over, clean up my past, and give me the power to live for Him.
    I had done the "religious thing" and found it wanting, but this was different.  I watched him to see if he was a hypocrite like the rest of us, and he turned out to be an authentic Christian.  He wasn't a perfect or sinless person, but full of the confidence that God loved him.  He was quick to admit his faults and failings.  After some months, I too asked Jesus to change me.  What I discovered was that He wanted that as much and even more than I did.
    I'm still not all that I want to be, and certainly not all that I can be, but thank the LORD that I am not what I used to be.  I have come to know God as my Father.  He loves me just as I am, and to much to leave me the way He finds me.  He teaches me how to live for Him one day at a time.   He loves you too.  If you would like to know more, or talk to me or someone from the church, email or call us.  It is our privilege to serve you. 
                    I am securely Christ's own forever,
                            Stan Burdock+